Matteo Marsaglia


Matteo Marsaglia

In the name of skiing
Hair blowing in the wind, smiling from ear to ear, sunglasses: an unusual look for the podium of the White Circus.  The fifty stars of the “Stars and Stripes” adorning his head bear witness to the realization of the American Dream. Had Matteo been born in the 60s he would have been fascinated by the Hippy culture, attracted by the life of surfers , drawn to Max Yasgurs’s farm and the dreams of the legendary Woodstock festival in the tiny town of Bethel (NY).
Coming down to this planet 20 years too late for all this, Andrea Marsaglia’s  first son is well aware of his Savoie DNA and innate passion for speed and nature. A free spirit, dominated only by sport. Matteo’s path started in the Eternal City, Rome, so fascinating but at the same time distant from snow and perennial glaciers. In order to follow his dream the young man from Rome had to learn to travel, not only in his mind: his imagination was in continuous evolution. To ski on TV you need perfection, a continuous quest for the limits together with a state of apparent calm which can at times scare friends. The sunny and salty summers at the Circeo seaside provide energy for the Winters spent in the shadow of Mt Chaberton: sea and snow, two opposing elements that unite in Matteo  who suffers cold but is a skier by profession. Everything he does is in the company of brother Eugenio and sister Francesca, with their caring mother Roberta always in the background. The start of High School in upper Valsusa meant saying goodbye to Rome to follow the dream.
All change. From the bustle of the city to the peace of the mountains, from the Mediterranean to the Alpine climate, For Matte, Nene  and Frenci skiing was as important as breathing. They soon found success at junior level to the joy of their dad Andrea, ski coach. It should be said that they were originally encouraged in other sports, among which were gymnastics and tennis, of the latter their mother Roberta was a professional. The call of nature was irresistable. Then there were the first signs, that year in which, both trained by their dad Andrea, Eugenio won the boys’ section and Matteo the youth section to gain the Topolino (Micky Mouse) Trophy. A Roman on Skis, a combination now made possible. There was still a long way to go , his physique needed to be built.
He had his eyes on the great national hero Alberto; not Sordi but Tomba, and the desire to emulate him and bring skiing back to everyone’s tongue. On the ski runs, as in life, growing means falling; blow by blow, “pizza by pizza” Matteo went on towards his ambition, step by step, in the sure knowledge that he could reach it. “Put it down to experience”: with a photographic memory, linked to significant objects rather than memories, you forget quickly and plan a lot . You don’t recall injuries; Matteo embraces risk, the challenge nature and its  limits. The culmination is near, but there isn’t much time. In the summer of 2010, when he re entered after a kneecap injury, over exertion caused back problems and his place in the national team was at risk. The Federation and trainers had always maintained their belief in him but something had to change.
There was a meeting that changed his life with Roberto Manzoni, the professional who would have the burden and honour of reorganizing the life of the now blue (national) team member. It was necessary to seize the opportunity. Watching others on TV was too hard: Matteo had given so much to skiing, now it was time to take something back. At Asti he found someone who had faith in him; as someone said; “it wasn’t you who chose Roberto, Roberto chose you”. From diet to daily routine , life changed , he became professional in everything, not just on skis. The fruits of this soon started to arrive, with a successful season, though without real glory. In 2011-2012  there were further noteworthy performances, but nothing above third on the podium. He felt the hunger to improve, perhaps too quickly, but still the moment of victory evaded him. On the 1st December 2012 at Beaver Creek Matteo wore number 12 At the finish line behind him were the Norwegian Svindel and the Auatrian Reichelt; “now is the moment”.
The waves of the Circeo can wait , the passion for surfing also, now Matteo knows how to and must win, seeing that sport in general is a great lesson in life, skiing in particular. The mind soars. In his ears the music of “indie rock” and in his eyes an awareness: still many pages to write. Matteo is mature enough to know what he always wanted to do that which he is now doing, that he is living his dream.
So let’s not wake him, it would be useless: his keen mind can continue to create perfect curves, even with open eyes.


Name: Matteo Marsaglia
Date of birth: 10/05/1985
Place of birth: Rome
Current residence: Sansicario (TO)
Sport: Alpine Ski
Specialties: Super G, Super Combined, Downhill and Giant Slalom
Eight: 1,80 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Club: Centro Sportivo Esercito Italiano
Head coach: Gianluca Rulfi
Fitness coach: Roberto ManzoniTommaso Frilli (National team)
Materials (ski - boots - bindings): Rossignol


  • WORLD CUP 2015/16

    6° Downhill - Garmisch 

    WORLD CUP 2014/15

    8° SuperG - Beaver Creek
    7° SuperG - Val Gardena
    6° SuperG - Saalbach

    World Cup 2012/13

    1° SuperG – Beaver Creek
    2° SuperG – Val Gardena
    6° SuperG - Kvitfjell
    9° SuperG – Lake Louise
    World Ranking:
    2° SuperG

    World Cup 2011/12

    4° SuperG - Schladming
    4° Super Combinata - Sochi
    10° Super Combinata - Wengen 
    11° SuperG - Beaver Creek 
    12° SuperG - Crans Montana  
    World Ranking:
    14° Super Combinata 
    16° SuperG

    World Cup 2010/11

    7° Discesa Libera - Kvitfjell
    9° Super Combinata - Kitzbuhel
    14° Super Combinata - Chamonix
    World Ranking:
    16° Super Combinata
    35° Discesa Libera
    40° Super G

    World Championship

    SEASON 2012/13
    11° Super G – Schladming
    SEASON 2010/11
    15° SuperG - Garmisch


    SEASON 2013/14
    1° Super G - Santa Caterina Valfurva
    1° Super Combined - Santa Caterina Valfurva
    2° Giant Slalom - Livigno
    3° Downhill - Santa Caterina Valfurva


    SEASON 2014/15
    1° Downhill - Tarvisio/Sella Nevea

    Italian Championship

    SEASON 2011/12
    1° Super G - Roccaraso
    3° Giant Slalom - Roccaraso
    SEASON 2010/11
    1° Downhill - La Thuile
    2° Super G - La Thuile
    2° Super Combined - La Thuile



Sansicario, 06.11.2015
Let'go! I'm ready for the new season

Hello my friends,
less than a month and my ski season will start over!
As you already know, this year I left the short skis, at least in official competitions, for the speed disciplines.
The choice was dictated mainly by my suffering back ... Last season ended with a good month or so of physical therapy to try to 'reset' everything, followed by a short but intense holiday in search of the right wave: a mix between relaxation and training, as I spent almost eight hours a day on the surfboard
I went back on track and the gym sessions in June and July went well. But, on the last series of the last year of the last day of training before leaving to Zermatt ... Crack ... My back has succumbed again!
A 'good' 40-day stop that hampered much my training on the glacier and reduced part of the training in South America.
Now that the situation has returned fairly stable, we're taking advantage of European glaciers to do some Giant training. This would be critical to find the right rhythm, especially in the Super-G, as I will then focus more on long skis in the Canadian camp of Nakiska. I will be leaving Italy on the 11th November, in view of the classic first stages of the North American Cup (Lake Louise and Beaver Creek).
I shall say that my physical balance is not so stable anymore, so I'll be very careful in ‘listening to myself’ and respecting every little ‘warning’ to be able to live better. Yet, I am optimistic ...
In the past years, I had a great pre-season and then run into 'trouble' during the season: I hope that the trend will be reversed! ;-)
I really want to go back as soon as possible in the first group in Super G, to play my cards right on the slopes of Beaver Creek and Val Gardena. As for downhill, I won’t set goals but I will aim to get points with more consistency. Regarding the combined, my back will decide ...
In short, the upcoming one is a season in which above all I hope to feel well in order to be able to put my skis on the track.
Competing at 100% of the condition would already be a great gift to me, a gift that I hope I’ll be able to share with all of you, who always follow me with the usual affection.
Hugs to all,

San Sicario, 02.05.2014

Dear friends,
here we are, flip-flops have definitely taken the place of ski boots...The season is over, a season that we can define "troubled". Troubled even before it began, since a training day on the slopes of Tignes glacier, on October 14, with a bad (how stupid) crash that left me with a boring sprain in my right knee. An injury that kept me completely off for more than a month, making me miss the giant of Sölden, and causing me some troubles with 'my' first races in North America. And this feeling of breathlessness has kind of compromised all season, this continual desire of forcing ahead to get back on track as soon as possible and at the level at which I had arrived in the season 12/13, without thinking that it's impossible to get back to such levels without being 100% physically fit.
Despite some nice pieces of race , as in the Super G in Beaver Creek where I went out a few gates from the finish line when I was fighting for a place on the podium, this anguish, coupled perhaps with not much lucky , led me to make mistakes and crash with more or less serious consequences... in the last injuries with a partial detachment of the tendon of the tensor 'fascia lata' from the crest illiaca and tearing of the muscle of the right gluteus medius during a gs training in January to prepare the race in Adelboden. Nevertheless, I tried to get back on track to play my last chance to snatch the Olympic pass , but it did not go as I hoped. But instead of simply letting myself down, I managed to find a new motivation from the missed olympic call: the forced 3 weeks off from the competition has helped all my body to recover and when I got back on the snow, I started step by step to return to the highest possible level. This led to a wonderful end of the season, constantly growing, which certainly does not change too much the face of this past season, but makes me think with so much optimism to the next one.
Optimism and certainty, necessary to work hard during the long period of physical preparation, technique and mental, behind those four small months where we play everything...
The next season will find us busy for another great event, the Vail World Championship, and this time I want to answer "Present!"
We already have our future goals in our mind and, consequently, with my physical trainer and my coaches we put down what is the work plan for the coming months.
Before I get back to work, however, give me 16 days wandering through Costa Rica, where with the help of the waves of the Pacific Ocean I will try to make progress and enjoy myself more and more on my surfboard but mostly I will recharge myself with heat and salt water, to be ready for the next winter...
Thank you so much to all my sponsors : Rossignol, for me not only a brand but a family , with whom I am very happy to have renewed my contract for another two years ; Robe di Kappa and the whole group Basic-Net ; Med-Use for the great work done on my website; Level-Gloves group ... and of course all of You, Friends who continue to prove me your love, day after day, and with whom I hope to still share many beautiful emotions on the ski slopes!

A big hug to everyone... see you soon

ps in the next few days I will propose some new shot from the last season in the gallery, stay tuned!

Lake Louise (CAN, 29.11.2013
"Scent of America" again...

Preparation is over - with the last phase, which took place right in the New Continent - and now for Matteo Marsaglia it's time to plunge into the 2013/2014 season, which will culminate in the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.

Debut will be on Saturday the 30th November (downhill) and Sunday the 1st December (Super G) at Canadian Lake Louise, following his beloved Beaver Creek, which last year gave him his first victory in the World Cup.
"I think I've done an excellent job, in both the 'dry preparation' and the first seasonal skiing. In the last days I have been trying to take better care of every little detail. Here in America, I feel good, and then ... I have good memories!" 

365 days after that fantastic victory, have you understood that it was not a dream?
"Maybe I realized what I had done only when I came back to Europe. A nice confirmation of what I had seen, all the feelings were positive, and the race has proved me right".

Now there is more pressure on Matteo?

"Waiting is part of the game: the more you go up, the more it grows, but I am not afraid of vertigo... During the last season I had already experienced these feelings, I felt everyone's eyes on me, but now I restart again: every year is different, only at the gate you will understand the real condition of everyone. I didn't downplayed myself, indeed, the last season gave me new ideas, I know I still have a lot to improve, especially in downhill".
What do you expect from these races in Canada?
"In Super G, last year it all started with a good ninth place here in Lake and with the victory in Beaver ... Let's say that I would like to end up in the ten first positions. I have good impressions about the American team, especially in certain weather conditions, and we already know champions like Svindal... All the Italjet team wants to confirm last year's performance, we were the best for all the season, it will be hard again. To do so, the imperative is to reset everything: in all sports, but especially in skiing, you can not rest too much..."

Rome, 04.06.2013
Marsaglia and Bolt: roman emotions...

Thrill and chill.

The fastest man in the World, the most popular sportsman... Usain Bolt. The Italian skiing team, a protagonist of a winter season that has a little precedents of success in the history of winter sports for quality 'and quantity'... A magical and symbolic event, which combined the excellences of world sport.

All happened today in Rome, in a crowded conference room at the Villa Pamphili Hotel, during the press conference that the Jamaican champion has done before his presence at the Golden Gala on Thursday evening. 
A unique experience for Matteo Marsaglia who - together with Christof Innerhofer, Simon Origone, Federica Brignone and Daniela Merighetti - could exchange jokes, considerations, but also share photos with the 'quintessence' of world sport.

"What can I say... it was an incredible whirlwind of emotion - Matteo said after the meeting - it was already an immense honor to shake his hand... let alone to share such an intense moment. These events are good for our movement, but also for every sport in general. A special thank goes to the FISI that has allowed us to live this great day out".
And those who were there have followed the indelible memories of victories and records of the Jamaican champion, but also Beever Creek and Val Gardena ... into a single, great instant!